IQSIF Semester End Update

What an exciting semester it has been!  We’ve had so much fun it has almost been criminal! Throw two weeks of campus closure due to poor air quality into the mix and it has been eventful indeed.

I just updated the calendar to reflect the next two weeks of non-meetings.  Unfortunately, College committee work will draw me away at 3:00 PM the next couple weeks.  I do suggest a social event at some place near campus.

To that aim, I just created an online survey: HTML.

Please fill out that survey.  We may have to do a second round if there are a bunch of alternate “write-in” venues suggested.  Regarding days and times, I’m not available other times so hopefully, something listed in the survey works for the majority of us.

The goal of the social/recap will is to discuss where we’ve come from, where we are, and where we are going.

-Dr. Moore

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